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November 2015, an extraordinary event took place. A theatre company brought together a group of refugee boys who had found temporary safety in the UK.
Dear Home Office has been written and performed by boys who arrived in the UK as children from afar afield as Afghanistan, Albania, Eritrea and Somalia. All of whom were Searching for safe- ty, without their families and bravely holding on to their hopes and dreams for the future.
Dear Home Office was described by the Guardian theatre critic Lyn Gardner after their successful Edinburgh Festival run as, ‘Ragged but essential theatre.’ The play has given these young men whose lives it records a voice.
The film of this unique play will allow it to be preserved while giving a wider audience the opportunity to experience this unique and important theatrical event.
The play will be lifted from the confines of a traditional stage setting and be relocated to a space that allows the work to expand and develop into a filmed experience, allowing the play to embrace the language of the cinema.
The film will embrace other narratives, to complement and inform the overall story. From painters, whose work examines the plight of those who find themselves stateless, to rappers and barris- ters who will give their own voice to what it means to be stateless, homeless and in need of asylum. We will witness the boys as they speak in their own words and who tell their moving stories.             
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I am emailing regarding an inspiring and exciting new feature film 'Dear Home Office' which is currently in pre-production, and looking for monetary support.
'Dear Home Office' tells the story of Tariq, a young refugee, and his experience travelling to and attempting to settle in the UK, having escaped danger and persecution in his home country. Based on the play of the same name, 'Dear Home Office' was created, and will be performed by a group of 8 young male refugees; this is their story.
The film will be directed by Ray Kilby (BAFTA) and will be produced and distributed by CINESCOPE Inc. We are looking to secure funding to support both pre production and distribution of the film, please find our funding proposal attached which should provide you with more information about the project, and where potential funding will be spent.
This story is a vital one to tell, and we truly believe this film is one that needs to reach as many individuals both in the UK and beyond, to provide a different perspective on an often discussed and debated issue. Any monetary support you can provide to help us reach that goal, and share this film with as many people as possible, would be a great help.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,
Sergey Mihhaljov, Senior Producer Dear Home Office
Cinescope Inc.
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