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I can't begin to thank you enough, I want to get to a point where, eventually, this can be a full time job. It's a long way to go but every bit of support is extremely encouraging. This pledge will let you see the pictures I'm starting or even abandoned for whatever reason. It will give you access to high res images, watermark included, since I need to size them down frequently for social media.

If you've been a tier $1 patron for at least a month, you'll get 5% off any commission from me.

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10% discount off of commissions

Everything from before and a little more, feel free to recommend more benefits for tiers. It's not too uncommon I struggle with new ideas and paintings, and that's when I will turn to you for some ideas, whether just an anime, show, or movie, I want your direct input of what you'd want to see and we put it to vote for everyone to decide upon.

You'll also receive full PSD files, which means there won't be watermarks since I have them on their own layer. Feel free to look through the layering of a picture or see the effects I used.

Additionally, if you want a request a little more specified, you get 10% off of my current commission prices!

And first time $5 patrons will receive a sketch commission as a thank you!




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About Cipherdoodles

I started this page some time ago, and for personal reasons completely fell out of it. I was tired and dissatisfied with my work to an extreme degree. I vanished for a few months, no updates outside of Tumblr and Twitter, stopped making speed paintings and when I came back I saw a patron did come and go, and I could not feel more upset I did such a disservice to them.

But it woke me up to something I didn't believe beforehand: My work might actually be worth something and just because I don't always believe that doesn't ring true for the people who want to see more from me.

So I'm starting again.

My update plans are to have 3 days a week I come on here and put as many updates as possible, I don't want the same thing happening again. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be the days I want to promise I'll be on here, maybe Sunday as well if I'm on a particular roll.

I want to make a speed painting video every other week, I want to give back to the followers and people who want to give me a chance, properly this time.

If for any reason I miss a day, I will be including my Twitter  directly to this so anyone can reach out to me.

Thank you
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Hey guys, if I reach this goal I'm going to start up a patron exclusive discord so you guys can interact more with me outside of my posting updates and pictures! Will add on more tiers as well based on what you guys might want to see more of!
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