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Welcome to CirceFunfair, the temple of Circe. Now you can enter the temple as many times as you want. Follow the steps of Circe to witness the genuine, aesthetic world.

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By wearing the armor, you can sense people's true intention, their genuine soul. Everything above, and when nymphs show up, they won't be able to bewitch you. You get the entrance to the poems and adaption sections. Plus, you have the change to meet Circe (on discord). She comes to alive in multiple time of the day(GMT 8+), usually when she's awake, the birds and all the creatures celebrate so loud that you will definitely know she's coming.

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About Circe

First thing of all, who am I?

Hi, I am Circe. Welcome to my world. I am a writer and a future graduate student in creative writing who needs support in studying. The main reason you'll see me here is that I want to share with you my fantasies, as well start a project to earn my tuition fee. You see, turning fantasies into reality is something I have always been longing to do, which is never easy. You need to go through a lot of bumpy roads to get your first paper copy published, let along to say support yourself at the same time. But I believe that if you dare to dream, you can find a way to carry it out.

Where all the stories begin...

Now, please think of the first time you were moved, somewhere deep inside, there were a voice wondering who would create such a masterpiece. Your life has since then changed, never the same. You are letting some of the subtle wonders taking part in your life; you failed to hold back when you saw your pets having their first baby; you teared when you witnessed splendid views in your first trip; and yet you never felt tired looking for those touching, moving moments. For me, those moments are reading time.

Words have powers to make these come true. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge witnessed a miracle, which made Christmas Carol prevalent around the world. I had exactly the same feelings when I read mythology. Writing under the name of Circe, one of the rare goddess that do magic in the Greek mythology, is one of the act that in honor of those noble feelings.
It is my sincerest hope, like most of authors and writers in the history, to bring you the delightful when you enter my fantasies. I have no idea how, or where the path will lead us to, but the journey has begun, and as long as I can singe any spark in any of the chapter, it’s worth it.

So, where do we start?

Firstly, thank you for reading this far. This meant a lot to me. Now I can talk about doing a master degree, supporting myself while chasing the big dream.
So, where do we start? What you need to is, pick a book, sit down and read, right? But wait, is it possible that I understand the story written with ancient English language or Chinese language without any background knowledge? Like doing magic, all you need is to snap your finger, and it's all done. Honestly, that will take years of training, and by the time, you would wasted too much precious time on translating. Nevertheless, why not hand this task to me Circe, who can do the translating job, revision of too-hard-too-read stories for you? Traveling with me, let me lead you to the gate, peeping at what’s behind the bar is more than an ease for me. I am a magical goddess, remember? If you are having trouble understanding those ancient folks, while having a sentimental heart looking forward to hearing from them, I can help you there. Some of my works here are translations of exotic novels, ancient English folks, and adaptions of poems. You don’t have to be qualified for an English major in the college to have the assess to those beautiful touching folks. Also, I write original stories. The great benefit of being a follower of the magical goddess, me Circe, is to have the first priority to assess those stories. If you are bold enough to see the future, and dare to make unpredictable foreseeable, become an oracle of Circe, and you shall have the privilege of deciding people’s fate (of course in the story).

Now, let the party begins.

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