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When you Join the Cirens, you will get added to a special group of people who can listen to my Works in Progresses,and unreleased tracks.

-Songs that have been done for months

-All new updates on new tracks, or remixes

The Call
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When you listen to the Call, you can suggest songs to have me remix, or what genres of EDM I can experiment in.

-The song clip will be from 60 seconds to 120 seconds long.

-Can be artist inspired songs too.

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  • You get to hear songs as they're being made
  • Influence the flow of new creations
  • Plus all previous rewards




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I love music, and wish to pursue it as a career. However this is not an easy task, and since I have made music for about 5 years, I would love to see some sort of growth for my music. So I can share it with people who love music as well.

In 2016 I had my first song hit over 10k, and I reached 500 followers. I thought that if one person would be a patron, I could start to live off of my passion, not sufficiently, but enough that I can save a little more on food, as being in college means I'm pretty much broke
$3 of $5 per A new Song
Just something to show me that a Patreon account was worth the attempt :) When this is reached I will release 2 songs that I have sat on for a while!
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