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My dream has always been to make an impact on the world. I want to make people smile. Make them laugh and feel like they can escape from reality into my videos. With your help, I can go great distances to do just that!
I make videos where I visit arcades and drop money left and right to win anything I can. I donate a lot of my winnings, and give away the others in contests on my YouTube channel. I work during the week and try my best to bring content even when nothing is going on. I love entertaining but I can't expand myself without a little outside help. My channel is slowly expanding but with your help I can bring this exciting content to many more people in all parts of the world! With your help I can make families laugh, children smile and transfer people's minds away from their own problems to a land where their problems don't exist, if only for 5 minutes! 

My promise to you is your contributions will go directly to fueling my passion with equipment, gas, and traveling expenses used to further expand the content of my videos!

Please contribute and I can guarantee your contributions go toward making my productions as exciting and entertaining as they can be! Thank you so much and don't forget to follow me on YouTube and check out my videos!
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My channel is expanding and in order to bring you THE best content I need a little help. Your contributions will greatly help me and my viewers and your loyalty will be forever cherished! Thank you for helping me. I love you all!
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