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About David Clegg

He has the courage to challenge those looked upon as gods. He will defend his friends and mentors to the hilt, but also call them on their failings. He's sad and lonely and he takes out his many frustrations on the Internet. He's Clegg, and he really, really loves to sleep, because it allows him to escape from the hellish reality that is his life.

David Clegg is one of the most expert "shitposters" on the Internet, shooting from the hip without fail, and occasionally hitting his mark. He says what he thinks and he doesn't think about it at all before he does. He has created many Internet personas and enraged and enraptured countless denizens of the Net with them. He's doing Dating Right and he's starting a second podcast as soon as he gets that sweet nine hours of yummy Z's. Throw a few bucks his way so he can continue to do what he does and make you laugh for the right reasons or the wrong ones!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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