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About CleverFox101

Hello All who come to my page! Im a passionate Artist who would like to make a long term career of my skills. In time I hope to Harness more knowledge about art and editing than I do now, and paint a picture of the world through the joy of fan art and original art alike. My dream is to one day become a comic book artist, or a video game design, as I enjoy both trades in my spare time.

My Name is Alowicious, and im 19 years old. I will be the first to admit that I am Transgender, Bisexual, and a friend to the LGBT+ community. [He/Him/His Pronouns]. I currently love, and plan to continue drawing UnderTale/DeltaRune characters and Various ships from their games. I also love writing fan fictions / one shots of those ships so please don't be afraid to make suggestions.

I'm a bit new to Patreon so please take care of me!

-With Love,
Alowicious <3

Commission Details [Open]
For more information please note me or contact me through Instagram if you'd like a commission.

What I'll Draw:

  • UnderTale/DeltaRune ships
  • OverWatch ships
  • Sonic ships
  • Persona 5 ships
  • Oc's
  • Oc Refrence's
  • Oc X Canon
  • OC X OC's
  • One shots (fanfics)
  • Smut One Shots

    Note: Lewd One shots will not be posted here
    Note 2: I charge 5$ Per every thousand words.