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With this patreon reward you get access to my patreon message board where you can talk directly to me and other patreons. You will also get to play with me and other patreons on my Minecraft Xbox creative plot world, I will host it every Saturday evening and night!
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All of the above PLUS. With this patreon reward you get to help me build all my maps and get a special sign in the world either with your channel or your gamertag on it!
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All of the above PLUS. With this patreon reward you get a really high quality gaming poster of your choice with my autograph on it!




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About CloanOps1

So as you all know I create YouTube videos about the very popular game Minecraft but I do it on the Xbox 360 and I do it different than the rest I create mostly modded maps and modded mini games.

Making these videos while being at college can be a struggle and sometimes that shows in the quality of the videos I make so if you become a patreon you will be helping me get some stability in the YouTube life you will also receive all maps early and you will be able to help out on each map and have your YouTube channel advertised in the map or gamer tag in the map as a valued helper.

So if you really want to help me out, then pledge whatever you can but please know this is not a requirement just subscribing to my YouTube channel is enough and if you ever want to cancel your patreon account, then you can at any moment, thanks for everything and I hope you join and help me out. Peace!
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If I reach this goal I'll buy better editing software to make all my videos better in every way!
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