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New Sports Videos every single week and you can help a true inspiration get going how rewarding is that to become part of a new YouTube star being made. , just contact me on my FPC-Virtual channel on YouTube, via my inbox with the request after making the pledge, or here in my message area. (Please reasonable wishes only, nothing impossible, or out of this world :)
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Get to collab with me in video form, and or shout out. I will need info for your channel, and so I can properly communicate who the video is for. (Depending on the number of collabs I can do per month, first come first served. I'll supply a schedule from my main website)
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Shout out's via my YouTube videos each month, and collabs if you wish so you can receive recognition for pledging to me as one of my patrons. Plus a T-shirt of the Basketball Community once my channel reaches Milestone 3. (Note: you can discontinue pledging if you wish at anytime or cancel)




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Hi I'm Mike Pugh, Thanks for considering becoming a Patron of mine.

Why pledge for me a 39 year old B-Ball player turned sports trainer?

Well, to tell you all the truth I'm just full of energy and over motivated to bring better videos onto the YouTube platform in all forms possible. I need your pledge of support to purchase better video camera equipment, and editing tools can improve my videos 10 fold. A camera guy or gal can add motion to my video footage, and I do all the work alone today with my trusty tripod so anything will help.

Online Basketball Community Transition
  • Short term goal making moves today just need funding to start
I'm also working on a Basketball community in New York City for youth, and players looking to improve their all around game and your pledges will help contribute to a good cause of me helping them effectively by opening up a youth center in Queens New York in the near future. It's currently on Google+ but I wish to transition it into a real basketball community.

Development Drills: I need an indoor gym to master these drills, the outdoor basketball court surface is killing my potential to improve.

Online Business Goal
- Dream Building Level Realized
  • Midterm goal within reach
Your pledges will help me upgrade my business website that features all curated content I'm responsible for curating for over 4 years now so I can write and curate more content effectively.

Collaborative Knowledge Building at YouTube:

Visited the awesome YouTube Space NY had fun, met cool YouTubers, and had a great time.

Building a Basketball Community Center in Queens NY 
  • Long Term Future Goal to accomplish
With your help this sporting community will be built and located at a caring facility that adults can come to learn coaching as well, it will create jobs, and starting out  where I reside. I wish for it to become a Non-profit community center over time where youth can go after school to help them with tutoring, computer lessons, and recreation. (Check the creations and activity feed for my latest and more)

Did I mention I make freestyle rap music too, well I try anyhow. I won't stop neither :)

Below are your cool rewards for pledge levels

$0 of $1,500 per month
I'm hoping to reach more viewers someday on YouTube and improving the overall scene and background location of my sports videos, the equipment, and funding my travels to and from the gym is a start. Getting a gymnasium membership also will make a huge difference out in New York City. (Just Goals I have you all can help become a reality)
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