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About CluelessVision

Who are we?
Hey there! We are Bram, Rose and Perry from Clueless Vision.

Clueless Vision is a cosplay duo (and doggo) from the Netherlands. We specialise ourselves in special effects make-up, costumes, wig styling and prop making. We have been cosplaying for over 10 years now and we've created around 200 costumes and props!

We love to make costumes and props, but as most of you know it's an expensive hobby. Most of the time we work with real leathers and furs, as well as 3D printers to create our props.

Crafting is for everyone!
We've noticed that we get a lot of questions about the process of making costumes and props, which is why we want to do something back for the community. But we can't do that without you! We have big costumes and props we would like to build and we want to create a lot of content for you all to enjoy. It would be amazing if you can help us on this journey.

We will be filming our process in our workshop, which we want to keep improving to create even better video and photo tutorials. You can take a look at the already available content at:

All the content we create will be available to all of you, you don't need to support us to see the tutorials we create! But it wil help us to create better content! :D

Let's craft together!

Bram, Rose and Perry (woof!)

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OMG! If we can reach this, we can make even more costumes and create even more content! 
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