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About Cluttered Butts

It was hopeless. Any success from any of my creative works was truly out of reach. I gave up all hope of success, and having eaten my last packet of Mi Goreng, was left no choice but to eat my entire portfolio of collective work.

But then, something happened. Somehow my gut bacteria had evolved to not only digest creative works, but edit and complete them too. When I next visited the bathroom, my butt shot out a complete copy of Chasing Eris and has continued to deliver results ever since. Poems, short fiction, essays, podcasts, vodcasts, interpretive dances, games... my butt seemed unstoppable! Sometimes it's a little butt - a poem, essay etc that will just be shared here. Sometimes a big butt - a collection of work, a full book, a screenplay - that you will have early or discounted access to. 

All my butt asks for in return, is that I continue to feed it Mi Goreng, and it will continue to do its creative work.
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When the number of fawning idiot worshippers grovelling at my feet hits 100, my butt's childish and attention starved ego will be rightfully appeased. In return, I will engage upon a zine project involving the work of my doe-eyed supplicants. 
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