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About Coins of McGuffin

The Coins of McGuffin Trading Card Game

A TCG about...well...everything!
Whatever you are into, whether it is books, movies, music, TV shows, collecting, anime, cartoons, models, or anything in between. We have a fandom card to represent your thing!

This 2-5 player game pitches you and your friends in a battle arena to see which fandom really is the best. A good variety of fandoms means you have a higher chance of success.

Every fandom franchise is represented by one card and we keep expanding from our 160+ fandoms so far.
A full list of what cards are available can be found on our website

With your monthly support we can not only make cards quicker, but you don't have to wait till the next local convention to get a hold of them. Plus they work out cheaper here and who doesn't like getting something in the mail!

So what are you waiting for?
Select a tier and get collecting!

PLEASE NOTE: For legal reasons these cards represent the fandoms of certain franchises but are not affiliated or endorsed by them
$20 of $50 per month

We will send EVERY PATRON (regardless of the amount you pledge) Promo Card 001 (SuperWhoLock)
These cannot be bought from us, only won or given so they are RARE!
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