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About Coaching Through Chaos

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my page. If you're here, its probably because you have already found me somewhere else, so thanks for coming by!

My passion is helping people CONQUER THE CHAOS in their life that blocks them from growth. This can be obstacles to healthy relationships, overcoming addictions, working through trauma, depression or anxiety. My specialty lies in seeing the bigger picture and assisting my clients to better understand how they fit in theirs to find more meaning, purpose and love in it!

I conduct my client work daily in my private practice in San Diego, but online, I help others by hosting podcasts, writing for various websites and participating in interviews sharing what I know on crushing the chaos of our daily lives.

Since 2015, I've been the host of the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast, where I bring my audience interviews with people who are truly gifted at their chaos-crushing skills - whether that be doctors, financial advisers, artists, relationship gurus or just the average person who has survived extreme chaos, has lived to tell the tale and wants to share what they've learned.

If you love learning about psychology AND love a great movie, well, since 2016, I've been co-hosting the Shrink2Shrink Podcast where fellow therapist Courtney Calkins and I have fun sharing what we know about life and love through the themes of one great movie every month!

While hosting these shows, I've also ventured into writing and have written for or been interviewed on over 150 websites, podcasts, tv and radio shows! I am so grateful for the opportunities I've been given. I've been fortunate to be featured several times on PsychCentral, Fortune, Martha Stewart Weddings, NBC and many many more places - I love being able to help and educate others.

On April 30, 2019, I actually published my first book - "Stop Bitching, Just Lead! The 60-Day Plan for Embracing Your Inner Leader" - How stoked was I when it launched at #1 in it's category on Amazon?!?! Wow! Currently, Im prepping to launch the Embrace Your Inner Leader Podcast to accompany the book. This show features unique stories of success from women.

That beings us to being right here with me on Patreon. You can imaging that all this show hosting and writing takes up a good chunk of my time. Well, it does and Im going to do it because I love it, but it would be great to get some Patreon support to help with the cost of production and marketing. My goal over the next 2 years is to transition out of my private practice to be able to bring my knowledge of chaos crushing skills to the masses online through various courses that are in the works now. Your monthly donation will help me reach my goal.

Whether you donate $3/m or $50 - I am grateful for your generosity and support of my dreams. Thank you!



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My motivation is to help others and this allows me to give so many great people a voice to educate others or tell their own stories of inspiration to the world, which is priceless! 

Personally, I also support my disabled sister and an extra $500/m would really enhance her life- right now, her shared-ride bill to her daily social program is about $500/m so that would ease the financial burden a bit. 
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