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You are now officially a supporter of my life goals which makes you one of the dopest people alive!

As "My Fan" you will get your name printed on my Exclusive Album cover to immortalize yourself as my supporter! Not to mention access to all the music I have online in high quality MP3 format! 


- MP3 Downloads 

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- Name Printed on Exclusive Album

- Signed Hard Copy of Exclusive Album 

Names will be collected for album artwork when the album is done. Must be an active patron at that time to be included. There is only enough space for 2000 patrons!

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As an "Early Bird" you will get what "The Fan" gets. BUT you will get it *24 hours before them!  

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- Name Printed on Exclusive Album

- Signed Hard Copy of Exclusive Album 

*You will receive the MP3 downloads and vlogs 24 hours early.
The exclusive album will come at it's own time. I have limited control of when you will receive the exclusive album since I plan on it being signed and sent by mail.

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I've taken many songs off the internet for various reasons throughout the years. 

I had no intention of ever letting people hear them again... until now!

Once a month I will go live (private broadcast) and let only those with access to "The Vault!" hear what's inside and chat with me. I will let you listen to different songs each month. This includes access to a music video and song that I made as kid but never released.

You will  get access to the Behind the Scenes Videos for my Music Videos!

I will also include your name at the end of my vlogs in the credits!

- Early MP3 Downloads

- Early Vlogs (Be the first to see and comment!)

- Access to The Vault Streams

- Your Name in the Credits of my Vlogs

- Behind The Scenes to my Music Videos

- Name Printed on Exclusive Album

- Signed Hard Copy of Exclusive Album 



About Cocinaughty

Something Special!

Before I say anything, I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to check out my Patreon page! If you don't already know, I joined Patreon for the sole purpose of wanting to go on tour! With your support I'll be able to do just that! I hope to use this platform as a way to truly connect with my fans and offer exclusive content like never before! This space is going to be something special, I can feel it! 

How does Patreon work?
It's simple, you support creators with a monthly subscription and in exchange you receive exclusive content that you will get nowhere else!

Can I stop donating in the future if I can no longer afford it?
Yes of course! You can cancel or decrease your pledge amount at any time.

What is this "Exclusive Album" you keep mentioning?
The Exclusive album will be a body of music that will be released to my patrons and ONLY my patrons. I don't care if my grandma wants a copy. She won't get one unless she's a patron, that's how exclusive it will be! I'm going to individually sign each copy and send them directly to the mailing addresses of my patrons. It's a way of me thanking everyone who supports me! I like to think of it like this. Michael Jackson was one of my favorite artists, if he had told me years ago that he would create, sign, put my name on the artwork and mail an exclusive album to his first 2,000 fans and I was one of those loyal supporters, I would be one happy camper!

How will my money help you go tour?
Simple. I have years of experience with penny pinching, I will make the most out of every dollar and invest my time wisely. There is power in promotion. Talent + Promotion = More fans. More Fans = Tour! In the meantime you will be receiving some awesome content!

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
No you do not, you may use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

Still have questions?
Send an email to [email protected] and my people will get back to you. By my people, I mean me, I'm not at the level where I have "people". lol

A little bit about me...

I love captivating audiences! Whether it's acting, writing scripts, or creating music, I just love entertaining people! Life can be hard sometimes and taking someone's mind off of the stresses of life is something I enjoy doing. I'm known mostly for my rap/pop style but every now and again I like to step outside my element and work Alternative Rock musicians. I began writing raps at the age of 6, and recorded my first song when I turned 11 because I was given a $10 microphone from a family friend. Growing up I lived with a lot of siblings so upgrading my set up was out of the question until I started making my own money. Because of this, I would sit for hours perfecting my sound with cheap mics and making my own beats. By the age of 15, I had already performed on Truth505 Live, a local hip hop TV channel, and started releasing songs that were getting recognition in the hip hop community. I then went on to create a rap group inspired by Bone Thugs N' Harmony, eyesOFlife, with a high school friend. Our music was successful locally and even earned us some radio play on a station in Las Vegas, Nevada. After we split, I went on to release a mixtape, "Slap the Other Me", which has since been removed from the internet. I just felt like I could do so much better, not only lyrically but quality wise. My fans have listened to me work wonders with my equipment for years but there was only so much I could do and the fact is, nobody wants to play music that sounds unprofessional. After some time had passed, I got in touch with an artist from California by the name of The K.I.D. Heat! After speaking to him for some time, The K.I.D. agreed to be featured on one of my songs, "Never Gonna Leave". This was really the first step that brought my music to the quality that it's at today. After listening to The K.I.D. Heats verse, I realized that I needed to step my quality game up ASAP, it was a real eye opener! My girlfriend offered to help me buy a new mic and interface. By the time we had the money saved up, I had written 9 more songs and produced 9 more beats. That birthed the creation of my first quality collection of work "Power & Pleasure!" The songs on this album are just EVERYWHERE, it's a mess but I had fun with the music and really wanted to showcase the fact that I can be versatile. Power and Pleasure also lead to my first ever solo shows. Turns out I have a nac for putting on a show. Honestly, performing on stage is one of the funnest things in the world to me. I feel like I can release all this pure, good, natural energy and just have a good time with the crowd! My dream is to one day go on tour!

0 of 250 patrons
This first goal is a thank you to all of my supporters!
All of my current patrons will receive a gift, a digital art poster by email.

I plan on releasing a digital poster for every goal that we achieve! I wonder who will be lucky enough to collect all of them? 
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