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About Pat Thomas

What makes Cognitive Catholic special?

There are a ton of Catholic media outlets online. We created Cognitive Catholic because we wanted an outlet that provided a nuanced, unbiased, and intelligent analysis on complex issues. Catholicism is the most intellectually rich religion to ever exist - but so many people don't realize it! Here at Cognitive Catholic, we're using logic and reason to bring people closer to Christ's one holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church, addressing challenging issues including atheism, sexual morality, and poverty. 

Reasons to donate:

  1. Cognitive Catholic is candid, honest, non-partisan organization. When it comes to politics, we call balls and strikes the same regardless of who's pitching. In other words, we hold the same standards for liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between. Our motto here is this: Catholicism first!
  2. Cognitive Catholic creates content that's easily shareable on social media. We handle all topics with charity and respect. This allows secular-minded people to read our content an open mind, and it allows you to feel more comfortable sharing our content with friends and family. 
  3. When you donate to Cognitive Catholic, you're not just making another act of charity. You're helping us change the conversation about religion in our secular culture as we bring hearts and minds closer to Christ.

Thank you so much for joining us as we continue our exciting mission. We truly appreciate it!

Pat Thomas - Editor in Chief 
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