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About Coins With Friends

I want to share my trading strategy, coin list, research, watch lists, and more with my friends. I want to help new crypto currency investors maximize their returns in the market.  What a time to be alive!  There is a short window of time where 300-1000% monthly gains are possible.  I want to help you see this and participate.  

In the process, I hope that each community member will learn how to:

1. Make an sound and personal investment plan and philosophy.
2. Manage risk and properly diversify. 
3. Trade less emotionally.  
4. Utilize Fundamental Analysis to find solid companies.
5. Utilize Technical Analysis to find solid entry and exit points. 

This is for educational purposes only.  While I will be posting my daily trades and research, it is in no way meant to be financial advice.  Further, if you plane to invest in Crypto - Currency, you should understand that the markets are extremely volatile and should not invest any more than you are willing to lose. 

To keep things simple there is one affordable level of sponsorship.  This gets each member access to:
1. Weekly research updates on targeted coins.  Buy points and Sell points.  
2. Access to a secret telegram group where I will update any trades I am making. Also, it will be your opportunity to ask questions in real time.  
3. My beginners guide and full access to answer any questions.   
4. ICO Research, access to exclusive ICO pools, and more.