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About Cojomax99

Hey everybody!

My name is Cojomax99 and for over three years I have been making Minecraft mods! While I am best known for my Tropicraft mod, I have also made random mods such as guest beds, mountable wall clocks (analog and digital), lightning color changer, and many more! My main focus, however, is Tropicraft. I currently work with four other guys on this spectacular(ly huge!) mod, and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life!

While I will continue to keep Tropicraft updated regardless of how much is given, the idea of working with and receiving donations from Patrons has inspired me to create this page. I love working with people, especially those who share similar interests (Minecraft!!!!!!) as myself, and would love to see what possible Tropicraft ideas (or other mod ideas) can be created when we put our heads together!

I am a full time University student, so most of the little free time I have goes towards modding! Your support goes a long  way in motivating me to continue to create awesome things!
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I will update my old Guest Beds and Mountable Wall Clocks mods to the latest Minecraft version and never let them fall out of date again!
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