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Everything from tiers 1 and 2 plushand embroided tote bag with very high quality plus shipping. Monthly




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About Cold Juice Fashion

We would like to introduce you to what we are doing!
We are 2 teenagers who are really passionate about fashion and what it can say about someone, we would like to share our story and our part as the next generation on the fashion Industry. We would like to be a part of it and have a voice. We make Instagram posts and we have a blog, we would love it if you helped us make our dreams come true and help us pay for all of the hard work we put in our videos and posts, also to mantain out blog! We really put all of our heart into it and time. Thank you for your support! And for listening our story!
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This will help us cover our expenses and to get going with our project, keep bringing you content.
Thank you!
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