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Anything helps! I'm not looking for much, and this tier is mainly to show your extended support, for which I thank you!

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About Coltatious

Hello and welcome!
My name is Colton and I love to stream video games and make videos from those streams and other recordings!  Recently, I graduated from college and decided it was time to kick my YouTube and Twitch presence into full-gear with all my newly found free-time.

What I plan to do is stream at least once a week, and upload a video to YouTube once a month using the footage from said streams. However, in the case of a particularly dry period, you'll only be charged per full video release, so quickies and the like are on the house!

Thank you for considering and hope to see you around! Stay awesome, you saucy one!
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With 50 Patreons, I'll be able to devote a lot more time to my videos and production. I'll be able to keep myself afloat and earning while I take meticulous time to produce the best I can produce for you!
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