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About Comic Tropes

I am very grateful to have an audience that enjoys discussing and thinking about comic books. Comic books are my favorite artistic medium and I get a lot of pleasure analyzing what works and what does not. I do all the work myself and it's a rewarding but exhausting venture.

I don't expect anything beyond people watching my videos. That's rewarding in and of itself. But if there are individuals out there so inclined to want to support the work, I can guarantee any financial aid will go right back into the videos themselves. Equipment, props and the comics themselves are all a cost I am happy to invest in but if the channel can support itself, I do have broader goals on how to invest. I want to constantly improve the videos. The less I need to worry about picking up a comic, a lighting kit, paying for my editing software - that's time I will be able to use planning, recording and editing the finished product.

I've kept the Patreon pledge tiers very low because I sincerely believe there's better things you could spend large amounts of money on. I may adjust rewards in the tiers down the road, but for right now think of this as donations that give you a little something back as a thank you for continuing to watch and support what I do.

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