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About Comix Villain

Hi everyone, its Comix Villain! Glad you stopped by to check out my Patreon page.  Please become patron and subscribe, I will have personal "Thank You" to my Patrons in my videos. 

Anything you donate will be put back into the channel, either by helping me buy new plant supplies, new comics, new movies, etc... but all of this is going towards one main goal: A comic I'm creating!

Help me get to that point by donating. We have come very far in the story. I've done a lot of research and continue to pour my heart n soul into the story.  I cant wait for you all to read it!
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This money goes towards creating new content such as putting money towards current movies in theaters for review videos, comic campaigns from IGG, or new experiences at Disneyland (trying out food or events).  It can also go towards Con visits.
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