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is creating the Underdone Gaming Community and Video Games
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You will receive direct access to the Patreon and VIP Members-only areas of the Underdone Gaming Discord Server.

Obviously, if you want to pay more I'm certainly not going to stop you. It all goes into the development of the Underdone Gaming community.

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In the 20 and up club you get access to the Patreon only areas of the Underdone Gaming Discord as well as your name or alias tagged in the description of every video I upload and listed on the Underdone Gaming website for the life of your subscription.

You will also be credited in the credits of any games that Underdone Gaming publishes.

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About The Commander

I am a small time video game developer with a very small but extremely awesome community base called Underdone Gaming! We have currently published one video game on Steam called Underdone. We also run serveral gaming servers for the video game "Garry's Mod"
All Patreon funds will be used for any potential hardware/software/server/script/code/assest costs that may be needed down the line in order to keep the Underdone Gaming community and any games we publish at the highest quality possible.
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Hosting the Underdone Gaming servers and website isn't free.
For a long time I was having to pay these costs out of my own pocket. With your help these costs can be mitigated between us all and more resources can be spent on making the community better overall.
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