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Thanks, Chummer! Complex Action is, and always will be, free to everyone! However, by being a patron you are helping keep things churning. All patrons will get access to GM Screen episodes a week before everyone else! EXCLUSIVE! You also get access to the super top secret Complex Action Patron room on the Shadowcasters Network Discord server!

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You are a treasure. You want to be more than just a patron. You want to see all the dirt and grime that makes up Bobby when he's not polished and pretty on camera. In addition to the stuff at lower levels, patrons at this tier will get random "Bobby Blurbs" that I post from my phone. Little videos of me rambling about nothing or something or just embarrassing myself. 

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Make no mistake... If you're at this tier, then you are in it to win it. You will get access to all the lower tiers, but you also get to contribute in helping to make all of the things we make here at Complex Action. Vote on topics. Edit scripts. Screen early releases of projects to add editing notes. This is the level at which you enter the Creation Station and TRULY affect the final product. You MIGHT even get your name in the credits if you've got what it takes!

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About Complex Action

We want to show the world that Shadowrun is awesome, and that somewhere out there a Shadowrun game is waiting for you. Making content about Shadowrun helps to spread the word about our awesome hobby, and the more people we can infect... the closer we get to WORLD DOMINATION!

No, but really... Making fun, entertaining, and informative content about Shadowrun is our passion. 

All of you out there have a deep, deep hunger for all the stuff that we create here. You have so many suggestions for great things that you want us to make, and we have so many ideas that we want to bring to life! However, pumping out more content at higher quality isn't cheap. Especially if we want to do it right. 

Complex Action is 100% funded by the fans and their generosity. The stuff that we create quite literally could not be possible without your support. In order to keep it coming, and in order to keep bringing new and interesting stuff to you, we rely on your support. 

Right now we have one big goal.

Shadowrun 101 Series ($600+ Milestones)
We get a LOT of topic requests for GM Screen, and many of them just don't fit what GM Screen is all about. Many of the requests people send are for basic explanations of simple mechanics, or entire tutorials on how large parts of the game work (e.g. Magic or Matrix). Unfortunately, these don't fit into the mission and scope of GM Screen. 

HOWEVER, we would LOVE to be able to produce a bunch of GM Screen style videos that are more intended to be tutorials or 101 courses in particular aspects of the game. For example... A "Matrix 101" series that is written, designed, and produced intended to be watched from start to finish with the goal of getting a player prepared to run a character in the matrix by the end of the series. 

These series would assume no prior knowledge, and they would work as standalone products. The only prior knowledge it would assume is very BASIC understanding of how Shadowrun rolls work. And... well... maybe we'll even do a series about THAT. ;)

Once we hit the $600 milestone we can start to produce our very first of these series and we can add a new one every $100 milestone we hit after that. Very exciting!


There are many more things that we have that we want to accomplish. We'll get there with your help! I love all the support and can't wait to keep making awesome stuff for you guys.
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Shadowrun 101 Series

Are you a fan of GM Screen videos? Well once we reach this milestone I will make a mini-series of GM Screen style videos that teach how to play a particular aspect of Shadowrun like "Combat 101" or "Matrix 101". The goal would be to watch the whole series of 10 or 12 videos and be able to jump in and play that type of character. 
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