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If you donate ten dollars, then I shall release the next chapter of any and every one of my ongoing stories within 24 hours!
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If you are an aspiring writer who likes my work and want me to sit down and help walk you through the creative writing process then feel free to donate $20 and I will message you within 24 hours! 

There is no limit to the amount of help or advice that I will give you! It's just a simple one time donation!

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If you wish for me to create a story based off of a particular genre, anime show, video game, or etc, all in one go from beginning to end, then feel free to donate and I shall stop all of my ongoing projects and I wish finish and upload your chosen story within the next 48 hours!




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Hello and welcome to my page!

I go by the pen name of "Conan" and I am a fanfiction writer and aspiring novelist.

I love the idea of building off of per-established stories and Universes (mostly in anime) and taking all of the common tropes associated with said anime and subverting them or turning them on top of their head to bring a sense of realism to the genre and to widen its scope.

Please feel free to support me on my journey!

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When I reach 2,000 per month, I shall release a full-length kindle e-book novel that I've been working on! Throughout my journey I shall provide more and more details about the project!
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