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I love making content. I have spent my entire professional career creating and I want to keep being able to do that through Concerning Reality. 

Since starting this channel in 2017, I have fallen in love with what video can bring to the table when it comes to educating and teaching the world about new and interesting topics. Before creating Concerning Reality, I existed on the internet as a technical writer and still do in many facets. Chances are you've read something I've written if you're interested in science, engineering or technology.

Writing is a beast all it's own, but video production puts that creative process to shame when it comes to the amount of time and resources needed. I truly believe that video is THE way to engage people to learn and if you think I'm doing that, or at least striving towards that, then I'd be thankful if you supported me. Doing so would help me devote even more of my time and resources into this channel, making it more sustainable as a long-creative platform.

Every dollar you give will go into new recording tools, improving my editing skills, and maybe down the line, hiring an editor or two. My plan for this channel is to expand it beyond just one <5 minute video every week and with your help, I can make that happen...

I want Concerning Reality to become a hub where anyone, from any education level, can learn about new interesting things – I hope you want and support that too. 

Thank you! 
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At 50 Patrons, I'll be able to invest in professional recording equipment and create a recording studio for better videos. I'll also invest in better computer hardware to work on more extensive edits and animations.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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