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About ConeDodger240

Hello everyone! 

My name is ConeDodger or Cone for short, a name I took on to distinguish myself in the 240sx community that has been a large part of my life for the past 10 years. Road racing and Autocross are my passion, and that carries over into the gaming content I primarily enjoy. 5 years ago I started making YouTube videos showcasing some of my favorite racing simulations, and over time picked up doing other fun or interesting  games to cover. 

1000's of videos later I am having more fun with doing YT videos than ever, I have a great fan base that is always supportive and interactive in my endeavors in sim racing, fictional car company building and anything else I might do on a whim. 

Why start a Patreon Fundraiser? 

Without a doubt, my biggest passion is in creating video content. Whether that be gaming series, like F1 or Automation or in real life endeavors like Cone's Garage, I want to be able to share my perspective on the things I am passionate about. Unfortunately the landscape of YouTube is not what it once was, and there is not yet a perfect replacement either for the service, or the income it provided. Support here gives me the chance to keep working at bringing you the content I love making, without compromise.

What's in it for you, the Patron?

As of the start of the campaign, the main goal is to provide for you quality video of interesting content I previously wouldn't have been able to provide. There are different levels of patronage to start with, but these will be adjusted with time to give you more options, with more physical rewards depending on the success of the campaign. The largest perk of being a Patron is the Discord server, where I interact on a daily basis and hold a variety of patron-exclusive game nights!
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Cone Tippers
per month
Tip the Cone | In autocross, tipping the cone is a bad thing, on Patreon, its an awesome thing!  
  • Access to Patron only feed + Discord Channel. Discussion of future plans, current events, or why I hate cheese. Plus game nights! 
Includes Discord rewards
Cone Credits
per month
Slalom Action | A fiver a month? Thanks! You're a credit to the Garage!
  • Name in Cone's Garage Credits on the ConeDodger Motorsports Channel.
  •  Plus all lower tier perks! 
Includes Discord rewards
Noted Cone Dodging Enthusiast
per month
Stickers Add HP | This level will feature your name or alias of choice in prominent locations in content. 
  • Your name/alias of choice will appear on the current sim racing car and/or on the Mindcrack Server Patron thanks area. 
  •  Plus all lower tier perks! 
Includes Discord rewards
Postcard Thanks
Limited (20 remaining)
per month
New PB! | $20 a month? We'll be setting new personal bests every run now!
  • Real life post card, sent to your door every 3 months. Either custom made OR ones found during Cone on the Road.
  • Plus all lower tier perks!
Includes Discord rewards
Real Racing Sponsorship
Limited (7 remaining)
per month
Team Sponsor | You must be a pretty dedicated Cone Head at this point, ultimate thanks for the support. 
  • Vinyl Decal of your choice on the window of Project 240sx "Red"
  •  Plus all lower tier perks! 
Includes Discord rewards
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Cone on his own. 

It's been nearly a decade since I was last in a position to live on my own, now that I am working full time creating content the goal of having a place of my own is high priority. This would significantly advance my ability to work on my own time table as well as improved space to create real life car content. 
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