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Become a Whaler-level supporter for $1/month.  This might seem like a small donation but it sends a big message of encouragement for us to continue our work.   For a dollar, we promise we won't move to North Carolina.
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When you become a DeezNutmegger for $3/month not only will you be supporting us in our goal to expand our operation but you will be accepted into our Connecticuck Memes Elite private group on Facebook.  The private group is where the meme magic first starts and you get a look behind the curtain.   Just send us a message after your a DeezNutmegger and we'll get you in there.
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When you choose the $5/month option you become a Geno Areola god-level supporter.  This not only will get you into our private elite Facebook group, we will follow you on Instagram (and Twitter/Gab if you would like).  We have over 10,000 followers on Instagram and our 'following' list is empty!  This is prime real estate for anyone trying to promote their business, brand, or bask in the glory that comes along with supporting such a noble venture.  Just send us a message and we'll get you set-up. 




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It started off as a joke but Connecticuck Memes has blossomed into a serious content creator. With fresh new material everyday for over a year and a dedication to making living in Connecticut just slightly more bearable, we think we provide a valuable service. In fact, many people tell us that they absolutely love our page and check it daily. Over 50,000 people 'like' our page on Facebook, and over 15,000 on Instagram. We would love to expand our creativity into other areas (videos, parody songs, podcasts, etc.), but the amount of time spent on just having a consistent stream of quality memes every day has been a lot of work with really no monetary compensation. This isn't a complaint, we've had a lot of fun with the page. However we decided to open this Patreon to see if there is an opportunity to take the page to the next level. If we are able to actually receive some kind of reliable income, we can hire people and dedicate time and resources to expand the operation.
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