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I'll let you see the comics a day or two ahead of time. I will also allow you to see the process in which i make the comics. Not that its complicated. You'll also be on a list of people I like. Which means we can communicate!
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Now you are free to join this co-op game of mine. Or should I say.... ours? Wink wink nudge nudge Basically, you'll get the ability to help pitch ideas on what I'll make one of the next comics on. Just give a situation and I can make my own adaptation of it. And I'll like you. That too. Worth it, right?




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Thank you for visiting my page! Whether you're just passing through or you wanna support me, I'm grateful! I'm pretty new to this so I don't expect much. My comics will cover anything and everything. I'll do my best to keep you guys entertained... for a few seconds a week while you read. Lets cooperate! PS: Feedback is very appreciated!
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I can do a Q&A with the patrons! I'll put it in the form of a comic too! If you guys are into that sort of thing.....
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