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You had it all and got bored.
So you decided to create a dream where you would forget how easy, beautiful and accessible all things are so you could have an adventure.
A dream world of being stuck in "time" with a supposed past and a possible future.
A dream where you had a body in this thing called space to play in.
A dream where you purposely made yourself forget how powerful you are so could find joy in finding out your power again.
You're still in this dream we call life.
You have and always will have everything you've ever wanted.
All you have to do is remember.
All you have to do is wake up.
After struggling on section 8 and welfare when I was young I became driven to succeed.
By the age of 23 I owned a nightclub, restaurant and vodka brand but material success wasn’t enough.
I eventually sabotaged myself because I was unsuccessful internally. I became addicted to partying, alcohol, drugs and anything I could get my hands on to fill the void.
By the end of 2011 I was nearly homeless so I went into meditation. In January of 2012 I had a profound spiritual experience where I connected to the oneness of all life.
I was left with a deep sense of unconditional love for everything and everyone.
I’ve spent the years following in deep meditation, becoming a best selling author, coach and visionary to reshape life and business.
To actualize the self through all mediums. I want no one to have to experience the emptiness that comes from being unfulfilled internally so they can have success externally and make it last.
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When 500 Patrons are reached I'll fly to 12 countries and interview 3 generations of families from each country to give us a new perspective on a Life Well Lived. Bringing the Past, The Future, Culture, Race, Religion and All Ways into One Holistic World View.
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