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About Corey Harris

Corey Harris acoustic trio in the studio and live at the Madrid Jazz Festival, Nov, 2018

My name is Corey Harris. I started my musical career in the early ninties playing acoustic blues on the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter. The blues is my mother tongue.
Blues and spirituals are the roots that give me strength to survive, from that time until this time. For years, I played on the streets day and night, putting together the change and dollar bills that passersby threw in the guitar case, just so I could eat and pay the rent. Twenty five years later I am still playing the old, acoustic, traditional blues whenever and wherever I can to let people know about the real foundation. Along the way I have enlisted the help of Hook Hererra on harp and Lino Mouio on Mandolin to help me realize this latest project tentatively titled "Green Springs Blues". In this age of high-tech recording, I set out to make a record the simple, old fashioned way: write a few new songs, dust off a few old ones and play it all with no overdubs or edits. We recorded the entire record LIVE, just like they used to do in the past. If you are reading this, I know that you love real music as much as I do! This record is for the true blues fans who just want to hear simple, traditional music with real lyrics played by real musicians. I am so happy about this latest record and can't wait to share it with you. All we need is a little help to get across the finish line...
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