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UPDATE - 6/21/15
What a Ride, They call it the Solar Coaster Ride.
We have had some Very Big Waves come in, as you know.
Warren Buffett invested $3B last Fall,  Apple and Google each put in $B's, then Banks followed.
Then we had 2 Conferences where in which we gathered 100's of Solar Developers, Investors, Lawyers and Industry Professionals.  We made about $15K producing the Conferences and Loads of Contacts Increasing My Linkedin by 1500 people.
We found many people and companies to work with and FOUND an Investor for a Commercial Solar Pipeline in the US & Latin America.  We have a pipeline of 7 Lead Developers and Systems of Marketers developing systems for Lead Generation.  We currently have over 50MW of projects in the Pipeline and systems to develop 100MW+ more. 
We have the ears and eyes and support of 4 World Leaders in Solar as well as 4-5 Solar Development Executives.  We are  optimizing the Power Purchase process and getting into rapid deployment systems through software and Sales. 
We have 3-4 Projects in Middle to Late Stages of Development and are always looking to
Now that the SEC passed Reg A+, we are going to invite Non Accredited Investors to Invest at high amounts and will be GIFTING stock for investments that come in.
We are looking to hire staff, do marketing campaigns, update the website and hire some Solar Executives.   Join Whole Com, Help Gather Commercial Leads and Become a Partner.
Check out my latest Article on LinkedIn :

UPDATE - 11/12/14
Much Progress for me to report on.
For the past 4 Months , I have been developing my Conference with heads of the Industry like Rocky Mountain Institutes Head of Finance, who has done $50B in transactions, now focusing on solving the Financial Renewable Energy situation. We changed the name of the Conference to RENEW FI, when we found out ECO-NOMICS was used by the Wall Street Journal.  We have the VP of Commercial Solar from Renewable Funding who runs the CA First program for all PACE projects in CA.  We have the creator of the PPA financial Structure that runs all large financing for Solar projects throughout the world and many more.  Find out more here :   I have 2-3 people helping me promote the conference throughout the world to Solar and Investment companies who are fantastic helpers!
       Then I  met the Rekhis;  Sandy and Bobby from New Delhi, India and living in the South Bay SF, they came on as CoFounders and Advisers and brought a project from the Philippines to the table.  Bobby helped develop the highest effiency panel in the world around 40%.  He helped develop TCP/IP protocol with his brother in Silicon Valley in the 80's which lead to the Internet. Now he has an Electric Car Manufacturing company in the Philipiines where they working on a 100MPG car for $20K.  Sandy has developed 50+ startups in Silicon Valley and India in the Tech, Solar, Startup, Fundraising and SmartMeter spaces.  She was a Director at Oracle in the 90's and brings much experience to Whole Com.  She is the active COO and Bobby is an Advisor.  From here we have been working on a 10 & 35MW Solar Farm in the Philippines together for the past 2 months.  We have 2 plots of land with owners of the land in agreement to partially fund the projects and use their land to develop these Solar Farms and get in on the attractive PPA deals available.
      About 3 weeks ago, I ran into an old acquaintance from one of my first Solar bids at the Corinthian Event Center in San Jose.  He said he was trying to find the right person to move in on the 3rd floor of the event center as he and I were planning an event at the Corinthian for next Spring.  He met Sandy and Bobby and he & I are negotiating the terms of a trade for stock in Whole Com to use the space.  As of now we are only going to use 5-6 desks and there is room for over 33 people.  As of 11/11 we are turning it into the "Solar Synergy HUB" and inviting top Clean Tech, Solar and Green companies from Forbes Top 30 under 30 in Energy and inviting great thinkers around the country to take an office for their SF business.  We are reaching out to local Solar companies as well and looking to get the right combination of people in, while bringing in some income into Whole Com before the major developments. This happened on my birthday and has been very fruitful!
     Then about a month ago a got a contract with the City of Santa Cruz with my brother Jamie who runs ECO Shift and Supply Chain down there to do PACE Solar Commercial Finance development with prospective building owners that the city has set out to help turn Solar.  What a great gig where I can help set up small conferences with interested parties and use a new piece of software from another speaker from Energy Finance Strategies that is speaking at my conference.
    Besides this, there is always Angel Investor Meetings, Redoing Corporate Documents, Decks, meeting Lawyers and finding unique ways to grow the business with little funding.

Just think, if I can do this with less than $5K, what can I do with $100K?
Help me, Help us!

Donate, Contribute, Help me Keep this Momentum going!!!

I am and have been on a journey to help re-invigorate the system with Renewable Energy.  There is so much that is possible with Renewable Energy that it expands my mind and helps me have faith in human potential.  My mission is to get people together in a place where they are listening to all the possible ways that we can make Renewable Transitions.  My company then offers tools to do it.  My focus is ECO-NOMICS, the crossroads of Ecology and Economics, sharing the benefits in the business world.  My business is Whole Com that produces Solar Conferences and Sells Commercial and Industrial Scale Solar projects.  I am also passionate about the ways that disruptive finance models are paving this path as one.  We are all one and I look to the share perspectives and help our future generations live in a better world then we did.  Follow my personal LinkedIn page The Conference will be posted there and I will give locations for exactly how you have influenced the shift of ages and ways and means in which we are doing it together.
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