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About Heather Corn

Is there anything better than sitting with a good friend, laughing and chatting, losing track of time, hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee, feeling inherently understood? 

Those are some of my favorite moments in the world. I feel most in love with my life when I’m learning to speak the language of the people around me- when I’m hearing their SOUL. 

I hope you do too. I hope that’s why you’re here. 

I hope you’re here to learn about lives other than your own, to see things differently than you do now, to explore worlds outside what you see on the surface. 

Humans are tribal creatures. We crave intimate contact with those that understand us. We NEED to be heard, seen, and acknowledged. We want someone to witness our lives. 

To truly CONNECT with one another is to truly be alive. 

Grab your cup of coffee and come talk with me a while. 

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