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Welcome, Welcome! My name is Julie Morrow; I am Cornflower Girl. 

Once upon a time ago, I was a regular Jane. For a while, I taught English Language Arts to 7th graders, until my husband and I began our family. Then, I became a regular, run of the mill, stay at home mom. All the while, having an analytical and intellectual bent, I began to study philosophy and psychoanalysis for fun. This led me down a road of self-reflection, which led me to confront past trauma head on.

Everything I now create is in response to that initial confrontation with childhood emotional trauma and adolescent sexual trauma. I began writing a novel, which is an allegory of my life experience, and at the end of February (2020), I decided to create a TikTok account. For those of you unfamiliar with TikTok, it is a short form video sharing app with the fastest growing social media community at present. Its user base is largely comprised of young people, although the demographics are steadily shifting as its user base continues to grow.

I joined TikTok because I wanted, more than anything, to share a message of hope with young people suffering from emotional abuse and trauma, as well as sexual trauma. I began a series called "Dumb Shit my Parents Did" followed by "Lessons from the Dumb Shit," wherein I share ironic anecdotes from my childhood and lessons I've learned, which I would like to apply to my own parenting. In a few short months, my following has grown to 90,000, and I have branched out to YouTube, as well, with the intention of sharing longer videos with more detail about my experience as a trauma survivor, to support others--to validate others--who are dealing with very real pain of their own. My YouTube subscriptions have bloomed from 40 to 800 in a little over a month. 

I plan to use this platform to generate funds to help me produce higher quality video content on TikTok and YouTube to spread a message of hope to trauma survivors, as well as raise awareness for parents. I believe that when we investigate, or excavate, the fossils of trauma from our pasts, we become better equipped to develop healthy relationships in the future. For kids still stuck in the dumb shit, and parents bearing dumb shit burdens of their own, I hope to bring validation that empowers. Together, informed and discerning, we will exterminate the parasites devouring our collective family tree! 
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I will hire a professional artist to create branding images for logos and headers that I can use across all platforms to make my brand more recognizable for viewers. I will also use funds to pay the cost of website maintenance.
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