Cosgat technology industries limited

is creating Fuelless generator/free energy




per creation

About Cosgat technology industries limited

OSGAT Technology Industries Limited has been in operation since 2012 carryon
business with the name Clement Surveillance CCTV Co as an incorporated Sole
Proprietorship business with the aim of carryon business of importation and installation
of CCTV Cameras for individual and corporate clients, production and sales of inverter
and of other similar technologies to her numerous clients or business contacts. The
inspiration to go into the production of what is to be term major breakthrough in the
history of alternative power supply different to the government’s generating power
supply which is maintenance cost effective and environmental friendly led to the
founders of the company went for training outside the country for research for over two
years which led to the breakthrough of assembling and production of fuel-less
generating power plant in 2016 after many trials. Having developed this innovation, the
founders decided to incorporate the Company into a limited liability company in order
to fully harness the potential of the innovation and go into large scale productions and
solve the high maintenance cost problems pose by current gas-power generating plant
to the household, businesses and the air pollution problem to the environment.
The company was incorporated in 2017 transformed from a sole proprietorship business
to a limited liability company.

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