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The universal energies we're working with vary from month to month and from year to year - and to make it more complex, it also varies by person. At this tier I will send you guidance about what you would be best at accomplishing for the year overall, as well as monthly updates which describe the energy you're working with and how you can use it to your advantage. I will need to know your birth date and year for this.
Life Path
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I will begin to help you "decode" yourself and your life's purpose. I'll need to know your birth day and year to do this. I will also send you insight into the universal energies you're working with each month of the year (it's personalized for everyone).
Pen Pals
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I will personally write you a letter to check in on you - and when you reply to me, I'll write back with any guidance or motivation that I have to offer you.




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First and foremost, my goal is to elevate and liberate humanity. I intend to work in many ways to accomplish this, and each of those methods lead back to consciousness. First and foremost, I work to take care of myself by healing any unresolved traumas from my past, allowing myself to elevate to higher levels of consciousness. As I do this, my perception changes and therefore the world around me changes. Through this process I am able to shatter illusions, break old paradigms, and keep in touch with the true nature of reality. I feel guided to help others do the same, so we can co-create a beautiful reality together.

I'm ready now to start healing and elevating others. I attract a lot of people to me, particularly those who are in need of some sort of emotional or spiritual healing. These people may be feeling defeated, alone, lost, and overall unsure of themselves and their role in this vast universe. I'm here to help those who are feeling that way! It is my intention to share my light with others through motivation and guidance. My mission is to ignite a fire within you so that you can share that fire with others. I want to guide those who are feeling stuck or lost and help them find their life path and purpose and to find the light within themselves.

Here are some of the things I'm going to start doing to accomplish this goal.
  • Sometimes you need a push. I'd like to start connecting with others one on one who are feeling stuck and are in need of some guidance in their life. I'd like to talk through their hopes and dreams and help them reach those goals by eliminating their doubts, fears, and anything that they think is holding them back.
  • Know thyself. The topic I'd most like to help people understand is consciousness and how it shapes reality. I want to help people understand how their reality is being shaped by their perspective and their own choices. This involves gaining control over our mind (it's an excellent servant but a terrible master) and learning to understand how our emotions are guiding us.
  • "What is my purpose?" "You pass butter." I'd like to offer intuitive guidance to anyone who wants to find their life's purpose or is unsure of their place in the universe. I use a combination of Transcendental Zen tarot cards and numerology to offer insight into who you are as a person and the energies that you have to work with (it's easier if you go with the flow!). In addition to helping people find their path, I can help answer questions using the ancient wisdom of Zen - this also reveals where a person is on the journey of the psyche or soul. I'm well-versed in this journey that we all take part in and I can help it make sense for you.
  • Shatter the grand illusion. I have a degree in advertising so I would like to start using that for POSITIVE things! Whether that is helping people connect with others, assisting alternative/new paradigm businesses reach their audience, or dropping the bomb on advertising and how it's manipulating our consciousness, I want to do it all. I'd like to start sharing videos that explain what exactly it is I learned in school, what effect media and advertising has on us, and how we can feel better about ourselves by limiting our exposure to that.
  • Keeping your fire burning. Of course I would like to be sharing positive, motivational messages as often as I can - whether that's written text, photos, or videos (likely all of the above).
  • Knowledge sharing. I'd like to start writing posts about what I'm learning, which I believe will really help people. Topics include consciousness, spirituality, the nature of reality, banking and commerce, the problems with monetary system and how we can move past it, capitalism and contract law (implied consent), and much more. I believe exploring these topics will set people well on their path toward freedom.
  • Healing others. Help people understand the importance of shadow work and assist them in overcoming traumas that are unresolved. These woulds from childhood can affect our lives negatively, repeating the same negative situations over and over until they're resolved. I can help with that!
  • Creating in real life. Rather than only being a keyboard warrior, my ultimate goal is to gain enough support to start traveling the country to help those who need it the most. I would like to be assisting on organic farms, helping new communities grow and attract people, and working to end food insecurity by collecting and redistributing food that would normally be wasted. I want to help make the world a place where everyone is taken care of and feels secure, happy, and free.
My ultimate goal is to help people achieve freedom and rekindle their inner fire. I will help them understand how perspective creates our reality and how important it is to focus on what we want, rather than what we don't want.
$0 of $500 per month
My immediate goal is to begin traveling the country to be a "Robin Hood" for food insecurity. I'd like to get into touch with distributors and producers to redistribute food that would normally go to waste. This monetary goal would help pay for gas. :) 
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