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About Cosmic Crit

We are Cosmic Crit, an actual play podcast using the Starfinder Roleplaying Game and roaring through Paizo’s Starfinder Adventure Paths. We’re Patrick the GM, along with Drew, Gibert, Myles, Rebecca and Tyler as the players. 

We’ve been having fun playing games and putting out the weekly podcast since the game released in August of 2017! Your support here will help us keep growing and producing Cosmic Crit for years to come, as well as helping us create more content immediately for our patrons all over the world!

Why use patreon?
The main goal for us here on the podcast is to get more people interested in playing Starfinder, and we need to connect our fans to do that. This Patreon is about us teaming up with our amazing fan base, the Crittermanders, and providing you with more content, freebies and ways to engage with the cast. In turn we hope that you play Starfinder with us, and spread the word about this game with friends.

Where will my patreon dollars be spent?
We will be using funds raised here to pay for more art, production equipment and subscription costs that are needed to run and host the podcast. Your support will also ensure we can continue giving away prizes for our monthly Fan Submission Challenges.
$359 of $400 per month
At this level we will add in an additional Patreon timed exclusive show cast tentatively called "Cosmic Crit(icisms)", where the crew and guests talk all things Starfinder, Cosmic Crit, and TTRPGS with Reviews and previews.
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