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About Dane

I am Cosmic Mirror Games, a one-man and friends Table Top Role Playing Game maker, as well as Seven Thirteen Books, a one-man controlled independent publisher. I am Dane Asmund, the everything for both. While ideas are bounced off of some wonderful friends, and some visual designs and illustrations are done by others, the content creation, editing, lay out, and all the goodness lays on my shoulders.

Follow me on Twitter @DaneAsmund, on Facebook, or check out my PoetryFictionCollagesOfficial Normal Horoscopes Merch, and TTRPGs!

I've got 21+ books under my belt so far, and many more in the works. Join me for weekly posts of my content!

Posts are mostly weekly, following some themes. Note that not every week will see all of these posts (that was the original intention, but that left me working on posts more than actual content that the posts were about.) Instead, I will be following these themes for the most part, with at least 2-3 posts a week. You can always expect a new short story or something fun on Tuesdays!

Weekly Posts:
Mortalis Mondays: Mondays, I will be posting a chapter from the first book of my large, in progress series. The Candle and Death has 36 chapters of awesome content following a small fantasy town in the wake of a world-wide undead scourge.
New Content Tuesdays: Tuesdays, I will be posting a new short story, a one-page RPG, or sharing something else new and fun from one of my 40 worlds.
WIP Wednesdays: Wednesdays, I will be sharing a snippet of one of my many in-progress projects. Right now alone I have 4 in progress novels, 5 in progress RPGs, and 3 in progress card games, as well as projects I'm working on for other people, so it could be just about anything!
Races Thursdays: Thursdays, I will be talking about one of the many races of my games, their abilities, and their place in their worlds.

Ferrougos Fridays: Fridays, I will be posting a chapter from the Ferrougos book, a sci-fi story about a gender neutral bug-person and their pet sentient cloud of rust!
Slutty Sundays: Sundays, I will be posting a chapter from the super hero smut novel I'm working on as well. Slutty Sundays might take days off from time to time, but there are so many chapters to it that it will last a while.

Campfire Fridays: Fridays, I will be posting a small and spooky short story.
Character Saturdays: Saturdays, I will be posting about one of the characters from the Ex-Genesis storyline, from main characters to small and less noticeable characters, as well as their major role in the story.

The first week of every month will be public posts, so people can see what kind of neat things they are missing out on! Remember it only takes a single dollar to gain access to the posts, so start your pledges today!
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