is creating Minecraft videos (possibly xbox videos when I get a xbox :D)
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Basic donator perk, you get a sign in my base with your name on it
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Your choice of a armor stand in my base with iron armor, or a hand drawn sketch of any  minecraft character in a in game situation (i.e. fighting the enderdragon, relaxing, mining, etc.)
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Armor stand in my base with golden armor. Rewards from all previous levels included.




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About CosmicBrambleclaw

Pledge if you want to support me and my channel. Im taking a big step into the world of Vods and youtube vids and such and monetary support is very beneficial and can help me get things like a microphone and better recording software which will make the videos better for you guys :) Supporting me with money isnt necessary to show your support, sharing videos and stuff really helps too :) Most of my videos starting off will be playing with my friends on Falsesymmetry's patron server Symmetria (go support her too :D) and playing Murder and other minigames on various servers.
$0 of $100 per month
Just a small goal to start off, it will be used towards bettering my setup by buying better equipment (i.e. microphone, recording software, editing software, a xbox to broaden the range of games shown, etc.)
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