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My name is Skyler Ostler and I have recently taken on the name of The Cosplay Apprentice, I love creating prop and costume replicas of your favorite fandoms from TV and Movies, to Comics and Anime and teaching you how to make them in a simple and easy way!  Right now I am only able to make very few videos, about one build a month, because I am working a full time job and have a family that I adore and spend time with, leaving me with very little spare time to work on my tutorial builds.

My goal would be to transition into being able to make my tutorial videos my new full time job! In order to make that a reality I need your help, your patronage will make it possible for me to continue making great tutorial videos and to make more of them and more often!

Of course, being a patron will come with it's perks! I plan to give my patrons early access to all of my main tutorial videos and provide them with FREE templates that make the build simple and fun!  But wait, there's more ;) You will also have exclusive bonus content occasionally released to you for free (ex. Tutorials not available on my channel) and I will give priority attention to my patrons in answering your questions or giving special tips and tricks!

Also, your build suggestions and/or requests will have much more weight than the average subscriber and the more you donate each month the more weight those requests carry ;)
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Early access to each of my main build tutorial videos and a free template to make the item! As well as better response time in questions you may have and a good feeling in your heart that you are helping someone live their dreams! :)
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Everything that you get for the previous reward, you just get the satisfaction of knowing that you have an even bigger heart and must love my channel more than others ;)
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Everything that you get in the previous rewards but you get something extra special, you will get your name in a special thanks at the end of all my videos and you get to show off that you love Cosplay and creativity so much that you are willing to step up to the plate and swing for the fences. Also, your suggestions and requests will carry a lot more weight ;)

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