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is creating Fan Subtitles for TH: BGND, CD and now Another Terrace!
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  • Contact us if you contributed to our previous GoFundMe and we will find a way to grant you this access too.
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About Costco Subs

This is the Patreon for Costco Subs' subbing project for TH: BGND, Closing Door (and now Another Terrace & other related YouTube clips)!! If you've enjoyed what you've seen so far, come show your support. We've moved over here from GoFundMe starting from episode 8.

NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with Terrible House (or any other subsequent "release group"), who has been known for using our subs in their releases, therefore we will not and cannot answer to their whereabouts or activity (or lack thereof). We have always been and will always continue to be STRICTLY ONLY the makers of the subtitles / translations, which have been released for use with episodes available on Netflix JP.  Please keep this in mind before pledging.
100% complete
Just a rough estimate. However, this is merely out there to show your appreciation and support for the blood, sweat and tears going into our work, not as the fuel that drives our work (our passion about the show drives that!)
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