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Who am I?

I'm Costpap, an avegage 16-years old teenager who spends his spare time on the internet. I live in the great (or not so much) capital city of Greece, Athens. I also have a dad who runs his own wholeshare business, and a cat called Blue. Online, I mostly enjoy playing video-games and writing. And this is why I created my own Blog, PapBlog.

What is a Blog?

According to Wikipedia, this is what a blog is: A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. And really, it's that.

What is PapBlog?

Well, you know what a blog is, but you don't know what my blog is. I, and my friends who are authors all across the globe, produce various articles and writings about anything in Aviation, Technology, Automobiles and Gaming, and nearly everything ranging nearby those. And if you thought "this blog has to do something with something about pap", suprisingly, it doesn't. Well, if you thought what "Costpap" means while reading this text, it's part of my first name, Kost..., often said as Cost... in English, and my last name, Pap.... And after a majority of people within my own Discord Server voted for "PapBlog", I had to choose it, because it's how being fair works. Anyways, if you wish to read more about PapBlog, please click here

Why shall you consider becoming my Patron?

Well, as you know, you need money to live, to be able to pay your bills, your food, etc. Just like you need, PapBlog does need money to live too. Just look at it like PapBlog is a person, who's work is blogging, and by becoming his Patron, you become his salary. Well, although PapBlog is ran by me in it's majority, and I don't need to pay any bills, food or whatever because I don't live by myself but with my family since I'm underage, it's not like I really need the money to live, BUT, I do need it to get better conent for the blog. So really, if you would like to see better content from my blog such as game reviews, etc, you then shall consider becoming my Patron. Remember, I'll still accept any kind of tier.

I'm considering becoming your Patron, which tier should I get?

The choice is yours. The only limit is how much money you are willing to invest in getting a tier. The more money you invest into more expensive tiers, the more and greater rewards you get. Really, either think it of that there's a person called PapBlog and based on what tier you get and how many money you invest in the tier, you give him his monthly salary, or think it the way that you're going to a supermarket, buying me everything I need you to buy for me, and in return, I give you content that can't be found by any other Costpap or PapBlog.

I'm considering becoming your Patron, but I can't afford a tier, what do I do?

Well, always go for the one that you can afford. If you can afford to give me 100 dollars per month, do that. If you can afford to give me 1 dollar per month, do that. Remember, your life is more important than my life for you. It's like, you see a homeless man begging for money, you'll first look if you can afford to give him money, right? Yes. It's like that in here, too, although I'm not homeless, and I'm not going to be at a specific place to beg for money, and I'm not going to beg at money at all.

Okay, I became your Patron, where do the money I invest go into?

Well, an average person would say, in my paypal/bank account. In reality, yes, but they aren't going to go to my PayPal account for no reason. They are going to keep the Blog alive. As I stated above, running a blog comes with a few costs and expenses, just like running your own real life business. Most of the money that I'll raise will go towards equipment, such as a Computer, Graphics and Images, Internet, Microphone, Headset, etc. Or, some might even go into buying games for reviewing, etc. I can confirm that every dollar that is, was, or will be made off my Patreon account is, was, or will go into something in the Blog. It's like, you invest in me via money, I invest in you via articles. You give me, I give you. So in the end, do the money that you invest into me play a major role in the Blog? Yes, they do.

Welp, thank you reader, for coming to the finish of this long reading line. I mean, I would write more, but I guess you would get so bored that you wouldn't consider becoming my Patron anymore. Anyways, hope to see ya in the community!
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When I reach 3 patrons, I'll release the launch article of PapBlog earlier than it's planned release date.
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