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About The CouchTv Network

CouchTV is weekly talk show that explores New York City and everything it has to offer. We go to all of the events in NYC and tell our audience that it's happening. There is so much to see in New York that your head would spin if you tried to do it all. So let us do it for you! With your support we will be able to focus on going to even more events and festivals in the Big Apple and keep you up to date on what's happening in your city. Whether it be music, movies, video games, fashion, cooking, mixed martial arts, comic books, health & fitness, television, or books...we will be there and we will let you know if you should come check it out. With your help we will be able to pay for transportation, camera & sound personnel, equipment rentals, editing time, new equipment, and the general upkeep of the show. We want to do this full time but we need your help to see this vision realized.
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With this money each month we will be able to hire camera and sound professionals to ensure our videos are of the best quality and sound,  There are several festivals each month and getting everything in order can be costly
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