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About Alexander Case

I have four main projects that this funding would be supporting.
  • The Nintendo Power Retrospectives: This is a video review series that covers Nintendo Power Magazine, from the beginning of its run to its conclusion, and along the way reviewing every game that's featured in the magazine.
  • Breaking It All Down: This is my review show. This covers science fiction and fantasy films, TV series, video games, and novels, as well as discussion of themes and concepts in the medium, and in geek culture.
  • Let's Plays: I also do Let's Plays of science fiction and fantasy video games, with discussion of not only the gameplay, but also the game's story in the wider context of video game narrative and science fiction & fantasy as a genre.
  • Prose Reviews: I will be writing reviews of films I watch and books I read. Some, if not all, of these written reviews will eventually be turned into video reviews - however, due to recent Youtube copyright issues I've encountered, the written reviews will go up first, and be adapted into videos later, depending on how my channel's copyright standing is faring.
  • I'll be using your support to continue getting material to cover in my videos, as well as doing improvements to my setup - a better computer for rendering and capturing videos, a new camera and microphone, and so on. With sufficient support, I will be able to upgrade my setup to allow for me to do live streams, which will in turn allow me to interact more with patrons like you.

    My Physical Game Collection (for the 25 Dollar Support level) can be found at on
    My Steam Library can be viewed on

    $5 of $450 per month
    At this level of funding I'll be able to afford to get a new camera and microphone for my videos, allowing me to improve the video quality. Over time I'll be able to get higher end video editing software, get a green-screen, and possibly purchase or commission costumes for sketches. I'll also be able to commission title card art.
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