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Welcome to The Count Vapenstine Patreon Page!
I started this page to try and build some support for my mission of helping people to quit smoking through the use of Vaping, for me it is somewhat of a personal crusade as I have been directly impacted by the effects of cigarette smoking through the loss of both my Parents to Cancer said to have been directly caused by smoking, as well as my own health issues, I too was a Smoker  for many years, always trying to quit but never managing through the withdrawal and always lapsing back until I tried vaping, (electronic alternative to cigarettes) which during the course of one week completely cured me of my addiction to cigarettes and my financial support of Big Tobacco responsible for so much real pain and suffering. I am now happy to say that i am a none smoker, as Vaping is not Smoking, I want to pass on what I know to be a real alternative to tobacco, with 4000 + Toxins in every puff, and motivate people to finally find success in kicking the addiction for good. 

the whole subject of vaping can be somewhat confusing to the newcomer and sometimes can be difficult to know how or where to start, that's where I and those like me come in, my story is a compelling one, I was completely addicted to cigarettes even after what smoking did to my parents and yet I could not break my addiction, If I had a dollar for every time IQuit, I'd be sitting on a beach somewhere right about now but my mission is to show people how to break free from the chains of tobacco addiction and lining the pockets of the tobacco companies who could care less about the estimated 480'000 people who die each year in the US from smoking!. my mission is to educate smokers through use of social media to the benefits of vaping and how it can lead to complete and total independence from smoking by using vaping. to do this I will need to build  quality and compelling content to use on social media, currently, I only have an Instagram page, but that has a following currently of more than 1000 people, I plan to build a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel and a website, I will need to source Video and Audio equipment and various products to review in my video productions, I have experience in Film and TV production and have hosted various projects for major production companies in the past, so I have an idea of what kind of content I want to build and a knowledge of how to produce it, I just need the backing to do it. Please partner with me on this project and help people find a way out of smoking, with your money my time, blood sweat and hopefully not too many tears, we can do this together. the only real reward is the knowledge that we are helping people do something that can ultimately save their lives while putting the tobacco companies out of business. oh, and by the way, I too am a Cancer Survivor!
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$0 of $1,000 per month
I would like to create interesting and compelling content to reach people who are struggling with a tobacco addiction to finally quit smoking, but to do this will not be free,  I have only limited funds to help me on this journey, I am going to need to gather some resources to use on this project, things like a lap top and camera, related software, audio, and lighting etc, if you can help me on this endevour we can partner together and with your backing my sweat and creativity we can do some thing that in the long term can and will save peoples lives from the ravages of Tobacco abuse and addiction.  
Please become a partner Today.
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