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About Cowmaster Studios

Howdy all! Welcome to my Patreon Page!
Thank you so much for finding your way here. Just you taking the time to check out my page and consider donating to my work means the world to me!

Cowmaster Studios is an online channel dedicated to entertaining and frightening the world with high-quality and original short horror films. To date, my films Knock, Mannequin, Lullaby, The Rattler, Mr. Glubby, Clickbait, and The Subject have amassed over 2.3 million views on YouTube!

My name is Deric Nunez and I am the independent filmmaker who writes, direct, edits, and handles pretty much every aspect of the studio and it's films!

By donating your hard-earned cash, you are declaring, loudly and proudly, that you enjoy and appreciate the work that I do; and that you support my future as a filmmaker.

Ready to support this channel but curious about what your donations will go towards? Luckily I have prepared a handy list down below:
  • Cover Budget: My video budgets vary wildly, ranging anywhere between $100 to $1000, depending on the complexity of the script and shoot (e.g. props, run-time, actors, wardrobe, etc.). Your support will help cover these costs and allow me to bring some of my more complex and interesting ideas to life on screen.
  • Cover Time: I make films because I love creating and entertaining people. Every film requires hundreds of hours of my time throughout the course of its production. Your donation will make me smile a bit brighter when I'm sitting at my computer at 2 am after an entire day of production!
  • Quicker Release Schedule: Due to the time-intensive process of film making strict budgets to consider, your support will help me release new films at a much quicker pace than ever before!
  • Increased Content Variety: I love making horror films, and want to explore every avenue this diverse and wonderful genre can offer! But what I also want to do is release videos and films of a variety of different styles! Vlogs, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, different film genres (comedy, drama, etc)... I want to do them all! Your support will help me pursue these ventures and grow as an all-around creative content creator.
Donations will be collected monthly. Even if no film/video has been released that month, I can guarantee you that one is in the works.

Check us out on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram. If you like what you see and want to be a part of our future, then consider tossing a few quarters my way to help strengthen the studio!

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the future of Cowmaster Studios!
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Testing testing... is this thing on? Wow, we hit a goal! Thank you so much for your support of my films!
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