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About CptTigerLily

Hello, My Little Wolfies! I'm Captain TigerLily and I'm so excited to share all the nerdiness and fun stuff I love to do with the world. I'm a YouTuber with a fairly small following but I'm hoping to grow a small community of lovely people who enjoy what I do, a place where like-minded people can all be supportive of each other. I'm also an aspiring writer and hopefully I will be able to publish my first novel soon.

With the support of just a few generous people, I can keep doing so for many years to come. Anything you are willing to spare is more than welcome, but I will never be in this for profit. I just want to make people smile and give them something they can enjoy.

I decided to rank my tiers within Patreon and Discord like a wolfpack, since wolves are probably my favorite animals. Each tier holds a different rank within the pack, each gaining a different reward as the rank increases. I loved the idea and thought it worked perfectly with the setup. Now, just because someone holds the rank of pup as opposed to warrior, that doesn't mean I love my little wolfies any less. You are all a part of this pack and you are all welcomed with open arms! I mean, paws!

I hope you all have fun here, be kind to each other, and above all, ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!!!

~The Alpha, Captain Tigerlily
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With this tier, you'll get: 

♥ A special code to join the CptTigerLily Discord server! Come hang out and talk all  nerdy with me and the other patrons! 

♥ Hints and teasers about upcoming videos and games for the channel! 

♥ My random thoughts about the nerdy things I love!

♥ The chance to be my Patron of the week! You'll get a shout out at the beginning and end of my Friday video so everyone knows how awesome you are! 

Includes Discord rewards
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This tier will give you: 

 ♥ Access to exclusive behind the scenes videos from any future music and adventures! 

♥ The chance to vote on future games, parodies, and cover songs! 

+This tier includes lower tier rewards

Includes Discord rewards
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With this Tier, you'll get access to: 

♥ A monthly bloopers video with all the weirdest and funniest mess ups during my recording! 

♥ Behind the scenes pics and videos of what it's like living with a crazy cat! 

+This tier includes lower tier rewards

Includes Discord rewards
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I'll officially be able to buy new games to play every single month!!! All for you guys!!! 
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