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About CrackerHumps


         Hello, welcome to my Patreon page! I am Jack B, but on the internet, I go by CrackerHumps. I am a zombified, soulless husk, who pretends to be a human being in order to produce content for the internet. I upload across multiple mediums, and genres. I like to think I make stuff that can appeal to all peoples. I currently upload onto these sites:
        Why do I need this Patreon page? Well, so far, my content producing career hasn't been lucrative enough to support me. I hope that with this Patreon, I'll be able to make enough money to improve my content, while also allowing me to be able to support a comfortable lifestyle. If you choose to support me, it will be greatly appreciated. I have exclusive content available on Patreon for my patrons, so if you choose to support me, you'll get access to preview content before the actual content is released.

          Well, that's all. If you do choose to support me, then thank you very much! Hope you enjoy my content, if not, then you probably just have no good taste.
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