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About Crafty Critter Creation's

Hello, everyone it's Tofu from Crafty Critter Team and I want to give you a warm welcome and tell you how we the team got everything started.

Hi, my name is Tofu
, I'm the Founder and owner of Crafty Critter Creations. When I was growing up, I had a love for costumes and animals which lead me to find the furry fandom. If you don't know what the furry fandom is I'll give a brief explanation. The "Furry Fandom" is a home and community for people who love anthropomorphic Characters (Animals with Human Characteristic). Everyone in the fandom has their own unique character or "Sona" they made to reflect their inner ideas and thought, which makes the fandom unique, diverse, and one of a kind.

I started Crafty Critter Creations to bring those unique characters to life in the form of a fur suit (a wearable suit for a individual that reflects that anthropomorphic character). This allow people to become their character for events like conventions, out for a stroll, or to simply wear in their spare time around the house.

Nyxx is the Digital artist of the team. They set up everything digital with the company. The banner, the logo, our website, trello, and other things fall under this category. They keeps track of a lot and thanks to them we keep things organized. They do the ref sheets and art pieces that get commissioned when it comes to digital work.

We have two traditional artists, Abby and Atika. They both do Badges, Sketches, and other art pieces. They help bring fresh ideas to the family for conventions, events, and trips.
All of us have an essential part to play to make the business move forward. We never want to think we are better then anyone else. We aim to be better then who we where the day before and keep improving our minds, and skills. With your support we can do what we love, and bring cool and unique characters to life.
$0 of $1,500 per month
If we are able to obtain this goal, we will be able to dedicate all our time into this company. if we indeed do reach this goal, we will hold raffles every other month and choose a person to receive a free partial of your sona. 
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