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Who I Am
My name is Craig Page. I'm a freelance writer born and raised in the Bronx and currently living in Jersey City, NJ. I am a trained Mental Health Counselor with a Masters and Bachelors in Psychology. I'm a member of Phoenix Outlaw Productions, developers and runners of tabletop and live action role playing games, and have run games in several states in the US. When not writing, I discuss and teach lightsaber combat (seriously) with stage choreography group Rogue Alliance and online Martial Arts program Terra Prime Light Armory.

Why I'm Here
I've been writing fiction in some form or another since I was in freshman year of high school, bored out of my mind. I realized that I was better at it when I had an audience, deadline, and a reward at the end. This Patreon is meant to keep me going, both mentally and financially. By becoming my Patron, you are supporting me continuing my craft as I begin to look for better equipment, editors, and the like.

What I Write
The fiction I write is mostly urban fantasy in nature. I am a fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Seanan McGuire (and Mira Grant)'s October Daye and Feed series as well as Kate Griffins Matthew Swift series. I've grown up in New York City all my life, and you can feel that there is magic in the modern cities as much as in the ancient ruins. It's a different kind of magic, unsure and mercurial. It changes depending on the places one goes, the people who live there. You can go to one neighborhood and feel the power of a liberation movement, and move in to the adjacent and feel the movement of nothing but money and power. There is magic in the streets, and I like to search it.

What You Get
All Patrons will get access to my works, with each post being a short story or chapter of my novels. Patrons on higher tiers get such goals as commission pieces and possibly even Cameo appearances. 

One can expect 2-3 posts per month, depending on schedule. 

Not in a position to be a patron right now? Hit the "Follow" button or just check back here every now and then for excerpts, updates, and other interesting stuff. 

Active Projects: Fiction
  • Letters to Maggie :  Urban Magic Set in the Punk Underground of NYC.
  • Bleed : The adventures of a group of LARPers and the characters and worlds they play in. 
  • Dreams in Digital (A Danny O'Nair Story): A psychic enters the mind of a comatose girl to try to bring her back. 
  • Kensei: Cyberpunk Martial Arts series.
Finished Projects
  • Do No Harm: Set in 'The Long Night' Urban Fantasy series, Do No Harm follows a doctor in one of the only hospitals in the world that treats supernatural maladies.
If you're not yet sold on what I do, here are the first chapters of all my posted materials, free of charge. If you'd like to view more, consider pledging. Thanks.

78% complete
Okay, other than have a celebratory anxiety attack. If I reach 100 a month, I will begin to write, develop, and eventually run "In Pale Moonlight". That's right. We'll difictionalize the larp. It may be a one off event, but if we're talking Unicorns on the moon, we might as well go two-for-two, right?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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