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My name is Caron, pronounced Kar-en, but generally, I go by Crash. I am a potter and ceramic artist. I have a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and have been working in clay for over a 10 years. After school, I continued my education through several collaborative ceramic studios. My work really began to take off during my years working the Colorado Renaissance Festival. At Festival, I started to sell my work to co workers, and it began to take on more of it's current whimsical ascetic. In 2015, two things changed my life: I did my first ceramic show at Santa Fe Renaissance Festival and I attended a Potters for Peace Brigade. I did a raffle of my pottery to pay for my brigade and this got me my first solid base of fans. So, I started my business DragonFlight Artwork and did my first, and what is still my most favorite show: Santa Fe Renn Faire! (So much so, that I ended moving here.) Potters for Peace has allowed me to attend NCECA (the National Clay conference) and meet and learn from some of the best potters.

My work is whimsical, functional and generally has fairy tale, mythological or straight up geeky undertones. I love myth and have studied it through most of my life. I find it fascinating that we have used our imaginations to create such creatures in order to make stories used to teach people. Therefore, sometimes subtle, sometimes not, my work takes on a illustrative nature. Currently, I am also expanding into teaching lessons for all ages, as well as streaming videos of lessons or just me throwing. I also intend to start a blog in order to instruct and amuse. 
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